How to start a real estate business

This training programme is to bridge the left outs from class room theories into practical and useful skills that a new property agent must have in order to work efficiently in this industry.

Interested in becoming a real estate salesperson in Singapore but not sure how to get started? To start a real estate business you need proper guidance along the way in your first year.

I was once a new property consultant like you and have no knowledge prior to joining the industry. After years of practice, I have started my own real estate agency, Houses In Singapore.

I'm also the author of my Ebook "How to sell HDB flat by yourself".

What is in for you?

A lot of new property consultants attended the in-house courses provided by their respective real estate agencies but do not know how to get to the ground and start working. Often than not they will asked their mentors or friends who recruited them for help. Well, the sad part is not many senior agents have the time and energy to guide these new people and soon these new property consultants will be left alone to fend for themselves. If there is a chance that these property consultants succeed, is really by pure luck.


Several main topics that the programme covers:

  • Where and how to source for listings? - How to source buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords?
  • How to arrange viewing appointments in 30 minutes or less?
  • How to do a quick Comparative Market Analysis in 15 minutes?
  • How to work out financial planning with buyers and sellers?
  • How to present your services to tenants and landlords?
  • How to do marketing? - Traditional media, Guerilla Marketing and Social Media (using lowest cost to achieve higher earnings)
  • How to negotiate with buyers and sellers
  • How to persuade clients to make decisions fast?
  • Closing deals, procedures and paperwork
  • Follow ups
  • And many more other topics

Bonus for Participant!

Free one month mentor support via email!

Recently I met a few property consultants who just joined the industry. One common thing they have is there that they do not have adequate support and guidance from seniors or colleagues in the company. Most of them are at a lost on how to work the ground or find leads. This is the problem with poor mentoring. If you get this training programme, I can provide you with one month mentor support via email.

left The cost of training this training programme and one on one mentor coaching is $2,000. You can get this programme for just $200! This limited offer is only for the first 30 registrants! left